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Welcome Note:

Login Id and Password is not required to access our website. You can view all profiles on our website. Contact details are not available on our website. To get the contact details, you will have to call or email us along with your Receipt number and Name for reference.

We provide 5 contact details through Telephone and 10 contact details through E-mail everyday (Except on Sunday & Holidays)

If the Original receipt is misplaced/lost, you will have to donate (Pay) Rs 300/- to Cancer Patients Aid Association and get duplicate Receipt

For any further information fell free to contact us on our customer care numbers :- 022-24364094/ 24365305/ 24366409/ 24366391.

Help For Advanced Search

In an effort to make it easy to search through our Data Base, presenting herewith a ‘Search Engine’.

It’s easy, quick & effective; just follow the following steps:

1: Select the category you are looking.
For eg. Selected value shuold be Male or Female.

2:Then follows various factors important while searching for a match. Select these as per your criteria.
For eg. If you are looking for a match from age group 20 to 25yrs., select 20 & 25 in the boxes given against ‘Age Between’.

3:You can select multiple choices from single criteria.
For eg. you can select as many specific castes as you want, from the caste list by pressing 'control key' & selecting that caste.

4: If you are not specific about these search criteria OR you want to consider all the options available, select ‘Any’. You can go through all the profiles. Contact only those profiles who are registered for Intercaste. Profiles which are registered only for their own caste, their contact details will not be provided to Intercaste profiles.

5: You can select Marital Status
For e.g. Unmarried/ Divorcee/ Widower/ Widow.

6: You can select Height by giving range.
For e.g. from 5ft 3inc to 5ft 6inc.

7: You can select Country, State and City options for searching. For e.g country ”India”, state “Maharashtra” and city “Mumbai”.

8:You can select multiple choices from single criteria.
For eg.. you can select as many specific Qualifications as you want, from the Education list by pressing 'control key' & selecting that qualification.

9: After you finish, just click ‘Search’ & you will get the matches from Data Base that fits your search criteria.

10: These are the matches with brief information about them. If you wish to know the details, click ‘Serial No.’ given in the first column.

Note: Contact details are not available on website. You can take them from us through Telephone or Email. Mention your Receipt Number and Name for reference. Through Telephone you will get them immediately and through Email you will get them within 24 hours. Our Telephone Numbers and Email Ids are specified in the Receipt.

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